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UK Company Formation and Registration

To register a business in the UK you need to submit an application to Companies House, which is responsible for the registration of all new companies.

There are a number of different company types available in the UK.

-Private Limited Company (Ltd) by shares: A company owned by private shareholders with limited liability, meaning their personal assets are protected if the company faces financial difficulties.

-Company Limited by Guarantee: Typically used by non-profit organisations, members' liability is limited to a predetermined amount they agree to contribute in the event of the company being wound up.

-Public Limited Company (PLC): A company whose shares are publicly traded on the stock exchange, allowing the general public to become shareholders.

-Community Interest Company (CIC): A company established to benefit the community or pursue social and environmental objectives, with profits reinvested for public good rather than distributed to shareholders.

-Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): A hybrid between a partnership and a limited company, offering limited liability protection to its partners.

The most common of these company types is a Private Limited Company (Ltd) by shares. There are over 2 million such companies in the UK.

Registered office address

You'll need a registered UK office address, where official communications, like letters from Companies House, can be sent. You can also choose a virtual office address provided by IndotInc’s partners. They can forward your letters.

Business details

We'll need some basic details, including a brief description of what your company does, and some government-friendly SIC codes. You can change these later if needed.

Director and shareholder information

You’ll need to provide your name, nationality, date of birth, occupation, address and proof of identity.


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