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Registered Office Address Malta Company
Every company registered in Malta must also have a registered address here in Malta. The Malta Business Registry suggests that the office of a tax advisor, law firm or business service provider can be used as a registered address. This address is the company's official headquarters where important documents can be safely delivered. Note that the registered address must be a physical location in Malta, regardless of where the business actually operates.
If you want to use your own address, this is possible, but not always for startups. If you rent an office or other business space, you will need the landlord's consent to use their premises as the registered address for your business.
Helping your company comply with the legal requirements for registering a company in Malta
By having a registered office in Malta, you’ll be fulfilling a legal requirement for registering a company in Malta, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. By complying with the legal requirements, you can avoid potential legal and financial consequences associated with non-compliance.
Mail handling and call answering services for added convenience and support
Our experienced team provides mail handling and call answering services to ensure that all mail and calls received at the registered office address are managed efficiently and professionally. This added convenience and support can help you focus on your core business operations and not worry about managing your official correspondence.
A cost-effective solution for businesses
Renting a physical office can be expensive, especially for companies that do not require one. A registered office facility service offers a more cost-effective solution for businesses that do not need a physical office to manage their businesses.
Professional handling of official correspondence
Our experienced administrators manage official correspondence, and you can be reassured that all communications are recorded and communicated in a timely manner. This peace of mind can help you focus on growing your business, confident that your official correspondence is being handled professionally.

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