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Become a Malta Resident with a Maltese Residence ID Card

Malta ID card for foreigners

A Maltese ID card application is important and opens many doors for you. If you intend to reside in Malta for longer than three months as a foreigner, you're required to get an e-Residence card that is issued by Identity Malta. This ID process needs a little bit more time and preparation, since you’ll have to submit the application and all the attachments in person. According to Subsidiary Legislation 460.17, Malta recognizes the right to free movement of EU citizens and treats them equally with its nationals.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals applications for a residence card in Malta are handled electronically. An applicant will need to define the reason for his stay, fill in the respective form, and submit it along with the supporting documents as follows:

Valid passport, national identity document such as ID card
Residence in Malta
Proof of income or assets
Form A – Application for Residence Documentation
Form 1D1A – Identity Registration Form
GDPR form – Identity Malta

To rent an apartment or a house, a long-term property lease agreement will better justify the claim for residence. It is important that the landlord gives a copy of his ID, registers the contract online with the Housing Authority which forwards the rental approval letter automatically via email to the landlord and to the tenant. Also, it is reasonable to have utility bills registered under the own name, because banks require such documents as a proof of residency.

Reason to get a Residence Permit

Work in Malta
Obtaining a driving licence
Self-Employed in Malta
Digital Nomad Residency
Starting a Business in Malta

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