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Malta company formation with a variety of Malta Corporate, Advisory & Tax Solutions in Malta

Registration and Formation of a Malta Limited Company

Malta Company formation has strong economic ties with EU countries, but also with states outside the European Union, which acts as a great advantage when it comes to foreign investments for economic growth, strategic location and its taxation system. The Maltese Government has designed different programs and schemes providing incentives or tax deductions for foreign investors from various industries. Some of these incentives refer to the easiness of registering a company in Malta.
The corporate tax rate can be as low as 5% for foreign-owned Malta registered trading companies when properly structured.
Other advantages of setting up a company in Malta
Quick incorporation: Incorporation usually takes 3 to 7 days. Tax advantages:
- 0% for non-EU digital nomads: If you earn income outside Malta, you can benefit from this scheme.
- 5% for the Limited: Companies operating in Malta only pay 5% corporate tax.
Investment tax credits: There are ways to reduce taxes through investments.
Entrepreneur-friendly: Malta offers a favorable business environment and low start-up costs for various legal forms.  

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