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Registration of a Lithuania Limited Company

Lithuania is the biggest of the Baltic states and regards itself as the region’s economic powerhouse. Certainly it has succeeded in attracting significant inflows of foreign direct investment, with investors encouraged by a combination of a stable economy, low inflation, low labour costs and a liberal business environment. Lithuania is one of the most popular locations for business incorporation in northeastern Europe. The business climate in Lithuania is very encouraging. In terms of the nation’s ease of doing business, Lithuania is placed eleventh. It is simple to conduct business in Lithuania because there is only a single stockholder and one director requirement, both of whom can be of any nationality.
The country’s 15% business tax rate is among the lowest in the European Union. Lithuania is one of the most rapidly expanding fintech hubs in Europe, and it is ranked fourth globally. Lithuania, which has a population of about 2.8 million, provides enterprises with a sizable workforce. The service sector made up the majority of the Lithuanian economy, with almost half of the labor force employed in it and accounting for around two-fifths of the country’s yearly GNP. For more specific advice and a detailed offer, please contact us. >> read more about Lithuania Company Formation