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Registration and Formation of a Gibraltar Limited Company
If you want to register a company, Montenegro offers several advantages like low formation costs and taxes. In addition, you have the possibility to easily obtain a residence permit. Foreigners can set up any form of company they want and there are no restrictions. Corporate profit tax ranges from 9-15% depending on your profit amount. The lowest rate of 9% is for profits of up to €100,000. The dividend tax is an additional 15% or less, depending on your home country. However, if you reinvest your profit, you don’t have to pay the dividend tax.
In Montenegro, several types of companies can be registered. The most usual one is the limited liability company, for which the owners are liable only to the amount of the founding capital. Foreign companies can register subsidiaries, but can also register a branch in Montenegro, as a special company form. Furthermore, a joint stock company is also available as a form of registration. Single entrepreneur registration is also available.
The type of company you register depends on your needs and goals. If you want to do business in Montenegro and own the company as a person, we recommend registering an LLC for its simplicity and low capital requirements. For companies looking to expand in Montenegro, subsidiary, or branch registration is highly recommended. In addition, LLCs are easier to liquidate than joint-stock companies and have lower operating costs since they don’t require a board of directors or supervisory committee. For more specific advice and a detailed offer, please contact us. >> read more about Register a Montenegro Company and Getting Started - Benefits to Register a Comapny in Montenegro.